Custom Components

Custom Built to Meet Your Needs.

Whether You Need Just One Component

Or More Than One Component

Precision Ground Delivers Precisely What You Need

From Large Components

To Very Small Components

Precision Ground Can Do It All

Precision Ground custom components are manufactured from start to finish with your exact needs in mind. No matter the company, industry, or unique demands of any given job, you can count on us to deliver flawless, uniform components that exactly meet your needs.

Our lineup of Custom Mold Components:

  • Bubbler Cores
  • Standard & Thin Wall Ejector Sleeves
  • Threaded Cores
  • Cavity Inserts
  • Stack-Up Tooling
  • Specialized Components
  • And More

Contact us today to discuss how Precision Ground can meet your needs for custom mold components. Call (815) 578-2613 to speak with our team, or fill out the contact form in the sidebar and we’ll call you back.